Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beer (and toys) and a contest for a toy - not beer

So this is a DOUBLE blog post as I've posted this on my Mark Harvey World, but a contest this great deserves to be double posted!

THERE'S A CONTEST GOIN' ON!!! Yes, that's good buddy Jay has a contest going on for a FREE GOMPER TOY (and not so secretly I am trying to win another can't have too many Gompers I'd say).'s the "commercial" for the contest...

And here are the rules...

Here’s the game:
  1. Print your favorite Gomper World image from my flickr set.
  2. Display it in a prominent spot for the world to see.
  3. Take an interesting photo of people near it, or interacting with it.
  4. Email the photo to: jayemoores (at) gmail dot com and I will send a plastic hand made Gomper toy to my favorite submissions.
All photos will be posted here on my blog at: Get creative, the best photo entries win a free handmade Bat Winged Gomper art toy made by me, J.E.Moores. This contest is on until end of May 2011, just wow me and I’ll post you a free toy for your effort. Print your favorite Gomper World image, color it, glue it, wear it, hang it, blow it up, shrink it down, and do other things I’d never guess. Put it in a place where the most people will see it. Art is not complete until it’s seen! Be sure to email me a postal address along with your photo so I can send you a toy! Oh yeah, don’t break too many laws or get hurt, just have fun! OK? Thanks ~ Jay

Now I just happen to be fortunate enough to have actual Gompers, but you don't have to have REAL ones - you can print paper Gompers and do your own thing with 'em.  I would however recommend purchasing some just to have around the house I do.  Gompers go with EVERYTHING. I like to pose Gompers with my BEER as they are great at guarding a good brew and keeping the Ski Patrol away.
So in conclusion....CHECK OUT THE CONTEST AND GET GOIN'!!!

Mark Harvey
Fan of Jay's art, a fan of BEER and a proud owner of GOMPERS


  1. hey check your settings, active links are BLACK and background is BLACK. Can't see links. Love the beer blog idea. Brilliant.

  2. Very, very excited about this blog. Also? Viva la Gomper!