Monday, April 4, 2011

Positive beer drinking

Good evening friends and readers,

Tonight I only have time for a quick post.  I've got a bunch of reviews to write and I'm looking forward to getting those reviews posted.

I spend a bit of time in the evenings reading beer blogs and review sites and I've found a lot of negative posts and reviews out there.  One thing I will try and promise the readers here at the NorCal Beer Blog is a positive reading experience.  If I don't like a beer, I won't write about it.  If I have an opinion about a brewery that isn't favorable, I won't share it.  I don't typically purchase beers that I don't like and when I do I just quietly drink them until they're gone.  Believe me when I say I've had LOTS of bad beer, but I've found that for every beer I didn't like I've met someone who LOVES that beer.  Beer like anything else is personal and I choose to not offend those who like a beer or worse let my opinion stop someone from finding a beer they may enjoy.  Now I may discuss a beer with friends and in those circumstances I will voice my opinion, but putting out on the WWW is a whole different subject (not that I have a zillion readers).
What I will do is bring my thoughts on good beers to light and then let you, the reader decide if you like that beer, or not, want to try that beer, or not.

With so much negativity in the world I figure this should be a fun place to come.  After all, we're talking BEER people!

Mark Harvey

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