Thursday, February 9, 2012

Session is in the eyes of the beholder

Greetings fellow beer lovers,

I recently got a couple of comments (I believe from the same anonymous individual) regarding my use of the word "sessionable".

"6.8% is sessionable now? Or is sessionable just a new word for fashionable? I think sessionable means go to the pub, drink 3, drive home legally."

OK, fair enough. So I cruised over to Beeradvocate and found their definition of a "session" (here).
And the definition: session beer n.

Any beer that contains no higher than 5 percent ABV, featuring a balance between malt and hop characters (ingredients) and, typically, a clean finish - a combination of which creates a beer with high drinkability. The purpose of a session beer is to allow a beer drinker to have multiple beers, within a reasonable time period or session, without overwhelming the senses or reaching inappropriate levels of intoxication. (Yes, you can drink and enjoy beer without getting drunk.)
Now, each person's body chemistry is different and each of us handle our beer (or liquor) differently.  A 6.8% ABV might be sessionable to me while to my wife, certainly not. I've been known to have three or four beers higher in alcohol content over a period of time and still be perfectly fine both at home and at a pub.

I appreciate the comment since it gives me a chance to discuss these things in open forum. Thank you "Anonymous" for your comment.

Just a friendly reminder - this blog is about positive beer drinking (read my post here), these are my opinions and a blog that I don't get paid for or compensated for in any way.  I'm just a humble home brewer who likes to drink beer and write so why not, right? I'm not always going to be right, but that's what's fun about this.


Mark Harvey

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