Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Dark English Ale

Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review.

Tonight’s featured beer is Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin. My brother-in-law mentioned that he really wanted to bring back some Wychwood beers for me while on his last trip to England. Shipping beer isn't easy and he was happy to find out (when I told him) that their beer is available in the US. Based on his recommendation I thought it was high time I went out and started trying these Halloween themed beers.

From the Wychwood Brewery website:”Legendary Ruby Beer – Traditionally craft brewed with Chocolate & Crystal males and a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hopes to produce a full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavor, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character. Deliciously Dark. What’s the matter Lagerboys…Afraid you might taste something? Goes with…Hobgoblin is the perfect beer to drink with meat stews & Steak & Ale pies, Sausages & Mash, Burgers & BBQs; roasts; & char-grilled vegetables. Ideal for Halloween!”
Let’s get started!
Appearance: Pours a dark ruby amber with a slight head that disappears quickly leaving some nice lacing.
Aroma: Scents of sweet malts, toffee, sweet fruit and floral hops.
Taste: Starts out sweet and rich – malts, toffee and some spice. A touch of hop bitterness, but not too much in the finish.
Overall: Wonderfully drinkable and tasty this has to be one of the best Dark English Ales I’ve tasted. At 5.2% ABV this is perfect for your Halloween festivities!


Mark Harvey

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