Saturday, August 9, 2014

Grand Teton Brewing Company Old Faithful Ale - Pale Golden

Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review.

Tonight’s featured beer is Grand Teton Brewing Company Old Faithful Ale - Pale Golden.

From the Grand Teton Brewing Company website: “Old Faithful Ale is golden blonde in color with a crisp body and light malt sweetness. We cold conditioned this ale to give it a pleasantly smooth character and dry palate. The domestically grown noble hops give this beer a light, floral hop aroma, making it exceptionally easy to drink.”
Let’s get started!
Appearance: Pours a hazy golden color with a slight white head and nice lacing.
Aroma: Grainy, pale, bready malts with floral hops, sweet fruit and a slight caramel scent.
Taste: Sweet, grainy and bready malts, fruity, citrus, tropical and slight pine hop bitterness and a little spice.
Overall: Light and refreshing, Grand Teton Brewing Company Old Faithful Ale is a nice session beer for warmer weather.  This 5.3% ABV offering is worth picking up if you find yourself in their neck of the woods.


Mark Harvey

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