Friday, November 25, 2011

Lost Coast Brewery Indica IPA

Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review.

Tonight’s featured beer is Lost Coast Brewery Indica IPA. I’ve been drinking Lost Coast beer for years and I felt it was time to review their Indica IPA. Strangely enough, as I write this...I can't find it listed on their website. I'm not sure if they've discontinued it...I've purchased it recently...seen it even more recently...hmmm...

The Lost Coast Brewery’s commercial description "A hoppy full bodied beer, crisp and clean. Made with generous amounts of Columbus, Willamette and Centennial hops.”
Let’s get started!
Appearance: Pours a dark copper color with a thick white head and great lacing.

Aroma: Pine and citrus hops (grapefruit) with solid and heavy caramel and biscuit malt aromas.
Taste: A sweet IPA with a great malt backbone – caramel and biscuit – followed by a very nice hop bitterness.

Overall: At 6.5% ABV Lost Coast Brewery Indica IPA is complex and balanced IPA. If there is room for new IPAs in one’s life then this one is most definitely one to try. I just hope they're still brewing it...I think I may need to run out and buy a case!


Mark Harvey

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