Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Ovila Abbey Dubbel

Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review.

Tonight’s featured beer is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Ovila Abbey Dubbel.  I had heard good things about this beer so I thought I’d pick up a four pack strictly for review purposes (HA!).

From the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company website:” Ovila Abbey Dubbel is brewed in the abbey tradition, and perfect for the rebirth of spring. Clean and deep copper in color, this Abbey Dubbel has a complex and rich malty sweetness with hints of carmelized sugar. The aroma is a heady and layered mix of fruit and spice with hints of clove, raisin and black pepper from the use of an abbey-style yeast.”
Let’s get started!
Appearance: Pours a deep caramel color with cream colored head and slight lacing.
Aroma: Caramel malt, sweet fruit (fig and raisin), Belgian yeast and spice.
Taste: Rich caramel and roasted malt flavor, slightly sweet with dark fruits, spice and clove.  This beer is delicious!
Overall: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Ovila Abbey Dubbel is a very smooth and tasty Dubbel and one that I would seek out again.  At 7.5% ABV it is easy to have at least a couple (or maybe a few) of these. Check it out!


Mark Harvey

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